THE COMPANY                                                                                                                     

Eos Shipbroker is dedicated to purchase an sale of vessels and related equipment and specialises in fishing. Over the years we have supplied fishing boats of all sizes, from small gillnetter to large trawlers/purse seiners, both “our own” and via other ship brokers all over the world. We also deal with fishing licences in the form of BT, kW, effort, days at sea and other permits.
We also supply work boats and other tonnage, former fishing boats that have been adapted to suit new purposes as well as equipment for fishing boats. Fishing today is to a large degree associated with licenses, authorisation and long-term economic planning. Our superior knowledge of this area enables us to deal with these issues and we have assisted a number of ship owners in such matters.
Eos Shipbroker also has a large network of contacts including other shipbrokers both in Sweden and abroad, which means that our market is very wide. We provide valuations of fishing boats as well as advice in the area of purchase and sale. Over the years we have developed and can therefore facilitate contacts with banks, various authorities and shipyards for building or reconstruction and preparation of the necessary contracts.
In autumn 1999 after 20 years as a professional fisherman, Gunnar Asplund decided to become a shipbroker. Over the years Gunnar had acquired extensive experience of fishing with boats of 6m to 40m, including everything from trap nets, gillnets and hooks, to bottom trawling and Pelagic fishing for herring and sprats. Gunnar has fished in every corner of the Baltic Sea/Gulf of Bothia as well as on the North Sea.
Today Eos Shipbroker has two employees and since April 2008 has offices in both Umeå and Göteborg.
Many of Gunnar’s boats were called “Eos”, which explains the name of the company. In Greek mythology Eos is the Goddess of the red sky at sunrise. Gunnar has a passion for and knowledge of fishing, has acquired good personal contacts within fishing circles, organisations and authorities and in recent years has complemented his knowledge with law studies. Some of the boats that Gunnar owned and captained over the years can be found below.